5 sfaturi utile pentru dezvoltarea capabilitatii de Change Management

Organizatiile moderne se afla intr-un continuu proces de schimbare. Fie ca ne dorim sa imbunatatim sistemele pe care le utilizam, fie ca ne dorim sa optimizam pachelele de beneficii pentru a sprijini nevoile angajatilor, trebuie sa avem in vedere procesul de schimbare din spatele actiunilor noastre si, mai ales, procesul de adaptare la nou, prin care colectivul din organizatie va trece.


Avantajele integrarii Project Management si Change Management

Schimbarea este un proces complex, care afecteaza toate functiunile organizatiei, in moduri diferite. Avand in vedere complexitatea si doza mai mare, sau mai mica de incertitudine si necunoscut,  a devenit clara nevoia unei abordari consistente, structurate, atat din punct de vedere tehnic, cat si uman.


Why Should You Integrate Project Management and Change Management?

When you introduce a change that will affect the whole organisation, that change needs to be effectively managed on both the technical side and the people side. The technical side ensures that the change is developed, designed and delivered effectively, on time and to budget. A people side focus ensures that your change is successfully embraced, adopted, and utilised by the employees affected by it.


Feedback works by showing you the blind spots

Feedback is always a buzz word. It’s something that in many instances is scary because it’s a lot about change. Through feedback you “should” change. This “should” creates a pressure in plus and might make feedback irrelevant for the change itself.

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