Cum ne adaptam la acest mod de lucru virtual, acum, azi?

Cum ne setam obiectivele perioada aceasta? Cat de mult tine doar de noi sau de contextul pandemiei cu care ne confruntam? Nu vi s-a intamplat perioada aceasta sa va propuneti o lista de activati, iar pe parcursul zilei sa constati ca – lucrurile se indreapta intr-o alta directie?

Feedback works by showing you the blind spots

Feedback is always a buzz word. It’s something that in many instances is scary because it’s a lot about change. Through feedback you “should” change. This “should” creates a pressure in plus and might make feedback irrelevant for the change itself.



Inteligenta generala este imbinarea dintre capacitatea de a utiliza informatia (memorare, analiza, evaluare etc), masurata prin IQ si capacitatea de adaptare la mediu, masurata prin EQ (emotional quotient). Inteligenta este o forma de energie. Conversia acesteia in activitati subordonate unor obiective contribuie la atingerea acestora.


The 4 types of Project Managers

Few issues garner more attention among top executives than how best to grow their organizations. However, few executives work systematically with the types of employees they need to realize various growth opportunities. Your organization’s growth opportunities fall into four different categories, and in order to develop your business in a commercially sustainable manner, you need four specific types of project manager to pursue them. These types emerged from our ongoing work of understanding how different business development projects can drive strategic renewal in organizations, and the matrix below has helped in capturing potential misalignments between employees and projects.

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