How to Communicate, Lead & Be in Control at All Times - Strategy & Leadership Podcast.

Cpt.Emil G Dobrovolschi and Octavian Pantis recently joined the Strategy & Leadership Podcast to share leadership lessons from the aviation industry, the value of SOPs, how to lead during chaos, the new book Dark Cockpit, and much more.


The Dark Cockpit in Life

A great discussion hosted by Rick Jordan, together with Emil G Dobrovolschi and Octavian Pantis, about focusing on results, being what we call "smart busy" and leading effectively. Insights from the fascinating and high-performing world of aviation.


Stop Flying Blind With Your Communication Practices - The Serve Conscious Podcast

Do you think that the principles of running an organization and the best practices of piloting a commercial jet are an unlikely combo for a leadership guide? You won't think so by the end of this discussion with dynamic duo Octavian Pantis and Emil G Dobrovolschi. They share pearls of wisdom from the book they recently co-authored, Dark Cockpit: How to Communicate, Lead, and Be in Control at All Times Like an Airline Captain.


3 Tips for Bringing Clarity and Boosting Morale Through Communication

Communication, especially in these times of remote work and elevated stress, can do a great deal to help achieve success and engagement across teams. If not done properly, the results are contrary – confusion, apathy and a barrier to any success being strived for.


Profilurile Comunicationale si Stresul (capitol audiobook)

Oamenii sunt diferiti. Si ne referim aici nu la diferente de varsta, inaltime sau culoare a ochilor ci la diferente de comportament.

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