Transformational Leadership Academies

The context in which today's leaders are expected to produce results has changed a lot in the last few years. And they need to be trained to handle the new challenges - hybrid teams, change fatigue, burnouts, war for talent etc. In the same time, engagement in online workshops is challenging to achieve, because people are multitasking and because they've attended so many boring calls.

How can you overcome this gap and equip your leaders in an engaging way? We can help. The hundreds of online sessions we have delivered in the last 5 years, for organisations and people from no less than 35 countries around the world, are a proof that our mix of valuable content, experienced facilitators and engaging methods works great.



Practical Leadership Academies-1

Provide your key people with a Transformational Leadership Academy

            • Usually 3 to 10 months in length;
            • A significant growth experience as well as great retention opportunity;
            • World-class know-how, applicable right away;
            • Trainers with at least 15 years of business and leadership experience;
            • Engaging workshops, with optimal length and spacing;
            • Inter-workshop activities that stimulate application, innovation and collaboration;
            • A focus on the practical side in every subject that is being discussed.


Possible topics

  • Managing Difficult Conversations;
  • Cross Cultural Collaboration;
  • Resilience;
  • Agility;
  • Diversity & Inclusion;
  • Real Time Feedback;
  • Building Trust and Empowerment;
  • Coaching;
  • Goal Setting & Performance Management;
  • Design Thinking;
  • Leading Hybrid Teams;
  • Productivity at Work - wherever work is;
  • Digital Mindset for Leaders;
  • Data Driven Decision Making;
  • Finance for Non-Finance;
  • Developing Talent;
  • Strategic Thinking;
  • Practical Leadership;
  • Delegation;
  • Change Management;
  • Impactful Data Presentations;
  • Running Effective Meetings;
  • Marketing Essentials;
  • Process Improvement;
  • Negotiation;
  • Public Speaking in Online;
  • Remote Project Management;
  • Emotional Intelligence.

Services Available

  • Reality Check and Academy Design;
  • Assessments (360, 180, DISC, Quizzes, 1:1 Interviews);
  • Scheduling and Participant Communication;
  • Technical Hosting;
  • Running the Workshops;
  • Inspiring Kick-off and Graduation Events, with keynote speakers;
  • Debriefing with HR and C-Suite on what they can do to support the leaders;
  • Online Team Buildings;
  • Community Building for Participants.

Why Qualians?

  • Place your people on the fast lane towards superior and sustainable results;
  • Tailor learning to fit precisely to what your organization needs in order to thrive;
  • Very wide range of subjects available;
  • Rewards and retain your top talent, providing them with an exclusive learning opportunity;
  • Fill the gap in your internal offering between short learning programs and MBA programs;
  • A competitive investment per person, with high return;
  • A flexible program, that fits different personalities and styles.

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