Stop Flying Blind With Your Communication Practices - The Serve Conscious Podcast

Do you think that the principles of running an organization and the best practices of piloting a commercial jet are an unlikely combo for a leadership guide? You won't think so by the end of this discussion with dynamic duo Octavian Pantis and Emil G Dobrovolschi. They share pearls of wisdom from the book they recently co-authored, Dark Cockpit: How to Communicate, Lead, and Be in Control at All Times Like an Airline Captain.

Get ready to learn some interesting and powerful new perspectives on communication and leadership practices!


Inside The Cockpit

Why good leaders do as little as possible during a crisis (wait, what?).

How to create better learning environments by forcing mistakes.

How to be more supportive, patient and understanding, even in high stakes environments.

How to work fluidly and intimately with an ever-changing team.

Don't underestimate the power of briefings - learn how to actually nail the art of information your team (or speaking up as a teammember).

How to communicate like nothing can be assumed (because it can't be). Use repetition and redundancy to make people feel understood.


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