Case Studies

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Here we highlight the transformative impact of professional development through the expertise of our know-how partners. The case studies explore real-world examples across various domains such as leadership, sales, and personal & team effectiveness, showcasing how customized training programs and innovative strategies have empowered organizations to overcome challenges, enhance performance, and drive growth.

These compelling stories offer valuable insights and practical solutions to inspire your journey toward excellence.


Audi - Safety Culture Case Study

Tack TMI’s Safety Culture Success: The Project Reduces Costs and Suffering.

  • 17.000+ Employees involved
  • 5 levels: top management, management,  group leader, team leader, shop floor
  • 91+ trainings, workshops and activation

Lumanity - Digital Learning Case Study

Tack TMI builds global skills programme, providing personalised effectiveness learning delivered live in a virtual environment and an easy-to-use learning app for better learning experience.

  • In-house learning platform provides 1400 employees with bite-sized personalised effectiveness learning across 8 core areas.
  • Easy to use learning app gives employees a fast and simple end-to-end learner journey, delivering over 70 training sessions.
  • 90% positive ratings recorded by employees on personal effectiveness learning app.

Barr Soft Drinks - Leadership Case Study

Tack TMI Leadership Factory creates frontline leadership development programme to support and equip employees with the skills, capabilities and confidence to realise their full potential.

  • Over 130 delegates completed the programme which included seven workshops covering challenging topics, one to one coaching and real-life change projects
  • Virtual training experience to enable staff from multiple sites to access training together.
  • Created a more consistent and effective leadership culture, facilitating a positive working environment across the supply chain organisation.

Gi Group Holding - Women Leaders Case Study

Gi Group Holding partners with Tack TMI to develop a pilot programme to provide women with the tools and support to achieve their true potential.

  • 34 Participants from global HQ and local offices, with differing seniority levels provided valuable insight on how to improve areas of their business life.
  • Peer-to-peer coaching used to share experiences with access to peer support, networking and mentoring highlighted as most valued development practices.
  • Feedback was positive and will kick start a wider leadership programme to bring about culture change to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific - Personal Quality Case Study

Tack TMI partners with Thermo Fisher Scientific to develop and successfully launch the Making Quality Personal experience, with virtual MQP sessions to drive quality standardisation globally.

  • In the 2 years since the programme launch, MQP has reached 24,000 employees out of a total 125,000 employees globally.
  • MQP sessions are shared virtually via MS Teams and Webex, giving colleagues flexibility about how, where and when to access experience
  • A variety of tools and resources complement the training, allowing personalisation of content according to different sites and functions.
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Henkel Adhesives - Sales Case Study

Henkel Adhesives selects Tack TMI as its global learning partner to build and deliver modern, impactful sales training to over 6,000 employees in its global sales and application engineering teams.

  • 6,000+ global employees given access to a sales enablement platform enabling them to self-learn and achieve consistent sales results
  • 50% of users actively engaged within just 9 months of launch
  • Self-paced online learning supplements virtual and in-person instructor-led training when demand exceeds capacity