How to Keep Talent Engaged: 3 Useful Practices from Aviation

With up to 200,000 commercial flights a day, aviation must do many things right. From airport operations and internet booking systems to something much more valuable: superb performance in the cockpit of every single plane, every single flight.


How to Communicate, Lead & Be in Control at All Times - Strategy & Leadership Podcast.

Cpt.Emil G Dobrovolschi and Octavian Pantis recently joined the Strategy & Leadership Podcast to share leadership lessons from the aviation industry, the value of SOPs, how to lead during chaos, the new book Dark Cockpit, and much more.


The Dark Cockpit in Life

A great discussion hosted by Rick Jordan, together with Emil G Dobrovolschi and Octavian Pantis, about focusing on results, being what we call "smart busy" and leading effectively. Insights from the fascinating and high-performing world of aviation.


Dark Cockpit: What pilots can teach us about communication, control and leadership skills

Are you interested in learning leadership skills from the view of a captain? Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews the guests about team effectiveness and productivity. Octavian Pantis is an entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Qualians, an international training and consulting company, dedicated to helping organizations thrive while providing an environment where people grow professionally and are deeply engaged. Captain Emil Dobrovolschi is a pilot, a pilot instructor, and a pilot examiner presenting to people how to realize a project in a safe environment, respecting the procedures and telling them how to deal with leadership challenges and the different scenarios of emergencies. Dive deep into this episode and learn about leadership, resilience, communication, and team effectiveness!

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