Two Good and Two Bad Roles for an Executive

One might be surprised to find a correlation between aviation and leadership. There is a considerable link, as the relationship with a pilot and passengers strikes unmistakable association when put alongside of the relationship between that of a leader that is guiding others in business.  

Here’s a great leadership story as told by my friend Captain Emil Dobrovolschi, Presidential Pilot, Airbus International Test Pilot, and Certified Pilot Examiner, who boasts just shy of 20,000 flight hours on planes and in simulators under his belt.


If this happened in business and not in a cockpit, which role would you be in?

“I was in Ireland, helping a newly founded airline introduce ATR planes (50-70 seat propeller planes) into their fleet. I had already had 2,500 flight hours under my belt at the time. I was a young, energetic captain, as I’m sure I still am now. It was one of my first flights there, and I didn’t know anyone. Every pilot I had shared the cockpit with was a stranger to me, but we all spoke the same language, the language of SOPs – Standard Operating Procedures.

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An article written by Octavian Pantis.

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