3 Lesser-known and Inspiring Things that Captains Do. Are Business Leaders on Par?

Aviation Captains are so experienced and skilled that they can smoothly land a huge plane on the runway, even with strong crosswinds or through a strong storm. This is widely known, as we’ve all been passengers who have experienced great landings and felt the relief that everything went as planned.

Let us today go behind the scenes and discover three very inspiring, but not so well known behaviors of aviation captains, that we can all learn from, especially in the business realm. Businesses would be further ahead if leaders at all levels were displaying these behaviors, and if the C-Suite would push more for them.

  1. They grow their copilots
    This is an intentional and constant effort from the people on the left seat in the cockpit – the captain’s chair – to grow the people on the right seat – the copilot’s chair. The copilots are good, but the captains are better. And the captains – not forgetting they were once sitting on the other chair themselves – make it a personal mission to help, to guide, and to coach the person next to them.

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An article written by Octavian Pantis.

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