3 Tips for Bringing Clarity and Boosting Morale Through Communication

Communication, especially in these times of remote work and elevated stress, can do a great deal to help achieve success and engagement across teams. If not done properly, the results are contrary – confusion, apathy and a barrier to any success being strived for.

Here are three actions you can take immediately, inspired by a surprising, but essential communication points in aviation – more specifically, between pilots in the cockpit.

Imagine the plane on the runway, ready to depart. Takeoff airspeed is typically around 155 mph. When the plane reaches a speed of 100 knots, meaning 115 miles per hour, the pilot who is monitoring announces “100 knots,” and the pilot who is actually flying the plane needs to confirm by saying “Check.” If the other pilot does not promptly answer “Check!” then takeoff is aborted. Immediately. The same thing happens if the pilot nonflying does not make the initial “100 knots!” announcement when the plane reaches the respective speed. 

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An article written by Octavian Pantis and Emil Dobrovolschi.

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