HERO Event - Optimism webinar


Some people view the “glass” – everyday and important events – as half-full (optimists) and some as half-empty (pessimists).

The definition of Optimism is: An inclination to put the most favourable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome”.

The positive impact of optimism on physical and psychological health and the attendant characteristics of perseverance, achievement, and motivation lead to academic, athletic, political, and occupational success. On the contrary, pessimism is known to lead to passivity, failure, social estrangement, and, in its extreme, depression and mortality.

Being an optimistic person includes emotional intelligence, understanding stress factors and their causes, and acknowledging the situation and who you are, even if the situation is bad or negative. Optimism is all about the “power of positive thinking” and a “I can do this” attitude which is imperative for personal and business success.

Joining the panel are:

Learn how optimistic behaviour and tools can overcome negative perception, and how the courage to change it can create positive outcomes such as occupational success.

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