HERO Event - Energy webinar


Energy is the basis of all activity – mentally and physically. Therefore it’s important that we are able to identify and work to eliminate the things that drain our energy – the obstacles which we often and unconsciously let steer our performance and careers.

The definition of Energy is: The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”. The important point is that the context of this strength and vitality is to be focused on an actual task.

Motivation can get us going, but energy (our internal driver) will keep us going. In a state of high energy, we can deliver incredible results, yield new ideas and prolific innovation, complete complex tasks with apparent ease and deliver huge value to the business. There are three types of energy: individual energy, team energy, and organisation energy, and each has a vital role to play.

Joining the panel are:

  • Paul Hutton, Vice President Operations for South East Asia at Hilton
  • Jörg Koppel, Managing Director of Sales & Service at Dräger

Hear how the role of leaders that lead with energy is crucial, particularly how they implement this and have impact on their team and organisation in the following video.

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