Preparing for 2020: 4 Key Change Management Trends

The concept and practice of change management has been around for many years, yet many organisations are still struggling to implement change. As the end of another year is quickly approaching, being prepared for the upcoming change management trends in 2020 can ensure you start next year off the right way.

Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Creasey, recently surveyed 1,778 change practitioners to identify the top trends facing the field of change management in 2020. In this article we will present these 4 trends and ensure you have everything you need in order to succeed next year.


  1. Greater Awareness and Support

Prosci has stated that since 2007, the top trend in change management has been greater understanding of the value of change management. As this competency has continued to grow year on year, organisations have begun to see the results from focusing on the people-side of change. Because of this, change management is now gaining a broader acceptance and credibility as a discipline across the world, which is great!

In this recent study, it has shown that organisations are now beginning to recognise the need for change management as a core competency, and thus there comes with it a greater awareness and support from those involved. 2020 will bring with it an increase in support from executives and seniors. They now have a greater understanding of their role in change and want to be active and visible sponsors. With this support, change initiatives will be implemented more effectively and the organisation will benefit greatly.


  1. Broader and more frequent application

Across the study, participants observed that there are larger numbers of employees engaged in change management. There is a focus on building change management capability across all levels of the organisation, and the use of change management is much more frequent.

With the concept of change management increased in frequency and scale, the importance of integrating change management with project management has also grown significantly. Project managers are realising the critical role that change management plays in project success, and by successfully integrating these two disciplines projects are more likely to meet or exceed their objectives.


  1. Change Management maturity will increase

As the support and application of change management grows, organisations are naturally improving their change management maturity. Organisations are finding it necessary to hire increasing numbers of change management professionals, with Prosci reporting a 6% increase in the number of change management practitioner jobs since 2011 – and we expect this number to keep growing!

Through seeing this increase in change management job roles and the real value that organisations are finding through having employees as a change manager, organisations are increasing their change management maturity levels. Seeing these job positions emerge as devoted entirely to change management is a huge step forward for this discipline, and it is only going to continue over the next few years.


  1. Greater Need for Education and Training in Change Management

As the awareness and support for this discipline grows, the need for adequate education and training also grows. Participants in the Prosci survey expect 2020 to bring a greater desire for knowledge, with an increase in dedicated training sessions for change leaders and formal change management training events to be available.


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