5 Reasons Why You Should Earn your Change Management Certification

Change acts as a dynamic phenomenon which means that it is quite hard to predict its outcomes in precise detail. When implementing changes into business it is vital to be capable to predict, avoid or minimise any possible negative outcomes. 

If an organisation is to survive in this fast-paced climate, they have to successfully manage large and complex change at an increasingly rapid rate. An effective strategy definitely helps, but what are the best practices that we should adhere to?  

When determining the benefits of change management it can be difficult to show to the management team why investing in such training is important. You will only receive buy-in and investment necessary to apply change management if you can show that the real and tangible benefits of change management outweighs the costs.

According to Prosci's 2018 Best Practices in Change Management Research, 86% of the respondents recommended following the Change Management Certification Program for an increased level of success in managing organisational change. Why? Let’s go through some of the reasons together.


1. Validate your knowledge and expertise

Having a certification is strong evidence that change management is a necessary discipline that must be taken seriously and provides assurance to the rest of the organisation that the time has been taken to develop skills in managing change and understanding the people side of it, rather than just the technical project side. With a certification, your position as a leader of change is authenticated, making it an easier to gain sponsorship from leadership and employee buy-in, lowering the overall resistance to change. 


2. Gain access to a proven methodology, models, and tools 

Certification provides tools, templates, techniques and exposure to methodologies, common practices, language and frameworks that you can immediately apply to change projects—all delivered by experts in the field.

The Prosci change management methodology is widely recognised and has been adopted by more than 80% of the world's largest organisations. Our Prosci Change Management Certification program allows you access to the largest body of research in the change management world and as part of the course we help you to tailor Prosci’s methodology, frameworks, and the ADKAR model to your current change projects. These tools and templates are each specifically designed to guide you throughout your change management journey. 


3. Increase Return of Investment through people-side of the change

When changes are introduced into a business, the change occurs at the individual level. Each member needs to adapt to change if the initiative is to succeed. Through 20 years of research, Prosci's Best Practices in Change Management investigated the three-people side factors:

  1. speed of adoption - how fast do employees adopt the new processes or behaviours;
  2. ultimate utilisation - how many impacted employees made the change;
  3. proficiency - how effective were the employees at following the new processes or behaviours.

It was identified that by applying change management practices, you can improve the likelihood of speed of adoption, ultimate utilisation, and proficiency. In fact, projects with excellent change management effectiveness were more than 6 times more likely to achieve project objectives than those with poor change management. 


4. Mitigate the risks and avoid costs

Implementing any change into an organisation always poses risks. Poorly managing change is extremely costly to both the project and the organisation as a whole. Through implementing a change management practice you are able to create a cost-avoidance tactic which can help to reduce risks.

Costs to the organisation can include: plunge in productivity; impact on customers & suppliers; loss of valued employees; decline in morale; and resistance (both active and passive). Costs to the project can include: delays in project; missed milestones; budget overruns; unexpected obstacles; project placed on hold; and a chance that the project will be fully abandoned. With Qualians Prosci Change Management Certification Programme you are provided with the information, tools and capabilities to mitigate the risks, minimise the costs or even avoid them completely on your future change initiatives. 


5. Create a change management standard throughout your organisation

Becoming certified will teach you the recommended approaches that should become the standard for every change effort. This will ensure that change knowledge is shared throughout the organisation, creating common tools, frameworks, and languages. As the approach to each organisational change becomes standardised across various projects, departments and functions, organisations are able to realise an increase in their change management maturity levels, improving overall project success rates, sustaining lasting project benefits.

Becoming change management certified arms your organisation with the necessary skills to anticipate future changes. With increased change management capabilities, an environment of competitive agility can be established allowing your organisation to remain ahead of the curve. 


Are you ready to earn a globally recognised Change Management certification?

The Prosci Change Management Certification Program is a 3-day learning program which will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tools to drive successful change initiatives within your business. The course will apply holistic change management methodology to projects during the program allowing you to leave with a change management plan designed to effectively manage change and enhance project results.

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