Fundamentals of Change Management

This one-day experiential learning program provides participants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and
organizational benefits of effective change management. The program applies five tenets of change management to a
specific project or change initiative to build awareness and desire for change management. 

Date: 29 April 2020
Qualians Learning Centre
Program fee:
340 Eur / participant + VAT
Number of participants:

Information and registration: | 0213197710

Cui i se adreseaza cursul:

Participants are predominantly in the following roles:

  • Senior leadership evaluating how change management can benefit their organization
  • High-potential leaders that need a better understanding of change management
  • Key stakeholder groups that are impacted by significant organizational changes
  • Change agents who need to understand fundamental concepts and establish a common language with change practitioners
  • Project teams that need to understand what it means to apply change management


Obiectivele cursului:


  • Establish a shared definition of change management and how it impacts organizational outcomes
  • Understand the connection between the technical and people side of change
  • Understand the research and best practices around change management
  • Understand the value of change management
  • Learn and apply the five tenets of change to an initiative
  • Complete diagnostics and assessments for the initiative
  • Understand and apply the Prosci ADKAR® Model for individual change
  • Develop an awareness of the three phases of organizational change
  • Develop a commitment to action plan


Agenda cuprinde:


  • What is change management?
  • Creating a shared definition
  • Deliver results and outcomes
  • Tenet 1: We change for a reason
  • The reasons for change
  • Change as a process
  • Tenet 2: Organizational change requires individual change
  • Individuals as the unit of change
  • Impacted groups and aspects of job change
  • Tenet 3: Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
  • Connect individuals to organizational change
  • ROI factors of effective change
  • Tenet 4: Change management is an enabling framework
  • Diagnostics and assessments
  • Top contributors to success
  • Change management roles
  • Resistance management
  • Tenet 5: We apply change management to realize the benefits of change
  • Mobilizing adoption and usage
  • Action items and next steps



  • Program workbook, assessments and handouts
  • Change Management: The People Side of Change

Cristian Vladoiu

Este trainer si consultant în echipa Qualians din 2012. Vine din mediul de business unde a acumulat o experiența de peste 15 ani în diverse industrii: FMCG, telecomunicatii si financiar-bancar.

A dobandit expertiza în special în zona de business development, vanzari dar si marketing si merchandising, lucrand în mari companii multinaționale (RJ Reynolds, Orange, ABN Amro Bank, Unicredit Tiriac Bank).